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Alex's Window Cleaning provides professional window cleaning services in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Water-fed pole window cleaning at a home in Green Valley, AZ

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Window cleaning is an excellent way to keep your home or office clean and looking its best. If your windows seem to be covered in hard water stains or dust and dirt, it can distract you from our amazing views here in Arizona.

My name is Alex, the owner of Alex's Window Cleaning. I am a firefighter and provide professional window cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in Tucson, AZ. I offer a variety of expert window cleaning services, from maintenance cleaning, debris cleaning and construction cleaning. You can count on me if you are searching for a Tucson window cleaner that provides outstanding customer service.

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Window Cleaning

Window washing is a fantastic way to keep your home or office clean and looking its best. Having your windows cleaned regularly removes streaks, water spots, and other build-ups that can make your windows look dirty. See how Alex's Window Cleaning can help make your windows shine!

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are one of the excellent ways you can save on your energy costs, but they can become dirty over time and, as a result, may lose some of their efficiency. Alex's Window Cleaning offers solar panel cleaning services to help you keep your solar panels running at peak performance.

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Additional Services

From screen cleaning to bug screen replacement, I provide additional services that can be added-on to your window cleaning or solar panel cleaning to keep your property in its best shape.

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Window Cleaning Services in Tucson, AZ

Let Me Help You Feel Excited About Your Windows!

Whether for your home or commercial property, clean windows can make a big difference to your property. With Alex's Window Cleaning, you can say goodbye to hard water stains and dirty windows and enjoy seeing your windows sparkle once again.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

For my residential window cleaning and commercial service, I utilize the water-fed pole and squeegee to leave your windows spotless. This reduces the need to use chemicals and ladders to clean your windows and ensures that I provide an exceptional job. I take the time to be thorough, ensuring all dirt and hard water stains are removed so you can enjoy sparkling clean windows. I provide three types of window cleaning services to help make your windows shine.

Window cleaning exterior windows of a home with a squeegee in Tucson, AZ

My 3 Types of Professional Window Cleaning Services:

Maintenance Cleaning

This cleaning service is for customers who have maintained their window cleaning, have had their windows cleaned professionally within the past 18 months, or have brand new windows that have no special requirements (i.e. sticker removal, adhesive removal, silicon removal, etc.)

Debris Cleaning

This cleaning service is for customers who have never had their windows cleaned by the owner or professionally. When routine cleaning does not occur, there will be a build-up of debris (bug droppings, pollen, etc.) that will require extra attention. A razor blade, abrasive pad, or rubbing compound may be needed to remove this debris build-up. Often, my first-time customers will need this on the first visit. Once this is done and a maintenance schedule has been established, this should not be required in the future. Although it is more expensive, the imperfections are usually reversible, and the result is precisely the quality of cleaning you were hoping for!

Construction Cleaning

This cleaning service means the level of attention needed is that additional hours are necessary to remove all the imperfections or that the marks are impossible to remove altogether, but an improvement is still possible. Some examples of this would be a significant amount of paint overspray or extended build-up of hard water stains.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

I Make Sure Your Investment Remains Energy Efficient!

Solar panels are a great way to save on energy costs, but they can get dirty and covered in dust and debris here in Arizona, reducing their efficiency. Did you know that solar panels that are dirty can lose up to 50% of their efficiency compared to clean solar panels? Having your solar panels cleaned professionally can also be a warranty requirement from the manufacturer and prevent hard water build-up from the “do it yourself” garden hose cleaner. Let me help you get the most out of your investment and produce the most amount of energy.

Solar panel cleaning in progress using a water-fed pole

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

In order to protect your expensive investment, your solar panels must be cleaned by someone with the knowledge and experience of cleaning them safely and effectively. At Alex's Window Cleaning, I clean your solar panels carefully, ensuring that all dirt is removed and that they will not succumb to any damage. You can trust that your solar panels are in good hands.

Additional Services

Going the Extra Mile for Your Property

Along with my window cleaning and solar panel cleaning services, I also offer additional cleaning services that can be provided while having your windows or solar panels cleaned.

Screen Cleaning

Similar to adding a tire shine to your wheels. Most screens have a vinyl coating that could be revived in color. The cleaning agent used restores not only the color it is intended to be but also has magnetically charged ions that assist with repelling dust from clinging to the vinyl in the future. This will keep your screens looking clean and “new” longer!

Bug Screen Replacement

We all know that it gets extremely hot in Tucson! Well, your bug screens feel the same way about our weather. They will dry rot over time, and it will get to a point where they will not regain their original shine, but they will also deteriorate if you so much as sneeze on them. No worries. I keep bug screen on hand and can rescreen your window/windows on the spot.

A clean screen next to a dirty screen in Green Valley, AZ

Ceiling fans

Have tall ceiling fans that have dust bunnies with better hops than Micheal Jordan? I may not have the hops, but I have the poles to keep those dust bunnies off and your fans clean.

Alex's Window Cleaning is Insured to Care for Your Property

Rest assured, my company is licensed and carries proper liability insurance protection when providing services to your home

Frequently Asked Questions


Curious about how often you should get your home windows cleaned? I understand that everybody's lifestyle and level of maintenance are unique. However, one of the lovely things about Arizona is our predictable rain pattern. We know that we get our monsoon season through the summer and usually get some winter rains. This makes our life easy for window cleaning! I like to recommend straddling these seasons for a year-round shine.

I can get you on a routine schedule in the spring and fall; this way, you will always be able to enjoy your beautiful views, and as one of my best customers put it, "my windows are so clean, they even shine at night!". I love hearing my first-time customers' reactions. I like to say that my window cleaning service is the one service you never knew that you always wanted! Now, if you like to entertain, I can always schedule a touch-up on the exterior and high contact areas on the interior.

Lastly, if you would like to schedule once a year, I can do that too! A couple of thoughts to consider when scheduling once a year; this is more economical, but your windows will be noticeably dirty for a good portion of the year. Depending on the environment of your home, it may call for a debris cleaning service every time I come out, which costs more than a maintenance cleaning. If you decide to go beyond a year, you can guarantee that a more extensive cleaning will be needed.

Cleaning Chemicals

Most of my customers have plants to consider around their windows. For your comfort, know that all the cleaners I use are plant friendly and will cause no harm. Also, whether I use a water-fed pole or traditional squeegee, know that light rain will bead off the glass and will not render your purchase useless. Monsoons and heavy rains are other stories.

Respect For You and Your Home

Respecting you and your belongings is my number one priority! Let's be transparent here; If you find value in having a clean home with clean windows. You want the people in your home to have that same respect, if not more! I recognize that, and for that, I wear shoe covers every time I enter your home, put towels down to not wet items that are not designed to be wet, and are more than happy to wear masks upon your request. I have a favor to ask with this; if you have any special requests, please make them known at the beginning of your appointment so I may adhere to them.

Your Responsibilities

As much as I would like to show up and do my job without disturbing you, that is unfortunately not the reality. I will need some things to do my job effectively and efficiently. I will need side gates to be unlocked, access to an outside water source(sometimes), fragile/priceless items to be removed from the window sills, and easy access to all windows you intend to clean. Even though I enjoy a challenge, I also appreciate being set up for success in exceeding your expectations.


I wish I could give an easy answer for this, but each home is unique and has subjective pricing. There is one guarantee: I have a $225 minimum charge for residential window cleaning. Yes, if you have two windows and want just the exterior cleaned, it will be at least $225. I will not begin any work until we have agreed upon the price. It isn't easy to give an exact price without being in person, but if I can see your home on Zillow with photos or send me photos of all exterior sides of your home, I can give you an almost exact quote.

Hello, Clean Windows!

Dirty windows will be a thing of the past after you use Alex's Window Cleaning for all your window cleaning needs.